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  • About Us

    Light Haven® is a Spiritual Center nestled on 86 landscaped and wooded acres in the North Carolina foothills offering Ancient Mystery Studies and Ceremonial Services.

    Our Mission

    • Light Haven's® foundation is rooted in the mystical and esoteric knowledge found in the Western Mystery and Ceremonial Magick traditions. We embrace a strong connection to the Ancient Egyptian tradition. Our work includes the Qabalah, Hermetic philosophy, Ritual training and the Art and Science of Magick. Our ongoing studies ... Read More

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    Welcome to our Temple. Contact us if you would like to come walk our sacred grounds - spend time by the pond or at the labyrinth. Enjoy the brilliant white snow of a winter wonderland. In the woods, you may even hear the sounds of running water. Our Sanctuary calls you to meditation and the arbor is inviting your silent contemplation.
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    As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations to Light Haven are tax deductible. Contributions of more than $250 annualy will receive a document to serve as substantiation of a charitable contribution, pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 170(f)(8) and substantiation requirement for certain contributions.

  • Mission

    Light Haven's® foundation is rooted in the mystical and esoteric knowledge found in the Western Mystery and Ceremonial Magick traditions. We embrace a strong connection to the Ancient Egyptian tradition. Our work includes the Qabalah, Hermetic philosophy, Ritual training and the Art and Science of Magick. Our ongoing studies embrace the exploration of Eastern metaphysics, Earth Based traditions and Shamanism.

    We believe in a Divinity that is both immanent, inherent in all that exist as well as transcendent, beyond the scope of our immediate understanding. As individuals we have a spark of the Divine within us and are called to nurture and ignite that spark into a flame. The great Mystery of God and Goddess express in a multiplicity of ways and we celebrate the love that is the unifying force.

    The study of the Perennial Wisdom is not new in the history of humanity. The questioning mind and an open heart have long driven individuals and groups to explore beyond existing dogma.

    We offer a monthly open service, classes, workshops and individual consultations.

  • Teachers

    Aeptha is an ordained minister, teacher, mediator, mystic and healer. Aeptha, born Jill Jennette, was initiated with her name by her primary spiritual teacher of seventeen years, Shakmah Winddrum. In ancient Tibet, Aeptha meant "She who loves the Sun". It is a name most fitting for a life that is driven by a passion to learn, grow, teach and live in a way that embodies meaning. Her love of knowledge and desire to help people reach their full potential led her to become a certified Read More

    Eushahn's path is grounded in love of family and teaching. He raised his daughter and son with the joy of learning, appreciation for the outdoors and the desire to serve. After his divorce, Eushahn become the primary caretaker of his young children. In making choices his family needs were priority. Now, as adults they continue that tradition with his son, a Hospice Chaplain raising the two grandchildren and his daughter, teaching and traveling extensively for the Montessori Institute for Teachers in Colorado. Read More

  • Aeptha (continued)

    counselor with a Masters in Human Development and Learning. In addition to Shakmah, Aeptha has studied with and worked alongside many esteemed teachers.

    As a young adult Aeptha experienced a life altering medical diagnosis and treatment that catapulted her into a relationship with unseen worlds that she was ill prepared for. Charlotte NC in the early eighties was not a mecca for the occult or studies of the mysteries. Through chance meetings, the appearance of certain books and synchronistic moments the way opened. But it was Aeptha's courage, tenacity, inner world contacts and willingness to step outside of the conventional view of the world that led her.

    In 1991, Aeptha and Eushahn married, drawn by their commitment to the spiritual path and a deep and abiding love. In 1993 Light Haven®, a contacted mystery school was born. Aeptha's work includes teaching at Light Haven®, conferences and other locations, ceremony, writing and individual private work.

  • Eushahn (continued)

    After receiving his Master of Arts in Education and an Educational Specialist in Counseling he provided for his family with a career in teaching and later counseling. Eushahn was intrigued with the capacity of the mind and resonated with Eastern philosophy. He studied extensively and later taught, moving into a leadership position at the School of Metaphysics in St. Louis. He later moved his family to North Carolina and taught third grade. As the children grew into young adults he was able to return to more in depth spiritual studies. He has always been a meditator and found it to be particularly useful tool in navigating parenthood. When his children were young adults, he met Aeptha. Their passion for their spiritual growth, their commitment to the work and their compatibility made for a friendship that quickly became an enduring love.

    Eushahn, born Harry "Skip" Lontz was initiated by Shakmah Winddrum as her Priest and given the name Eushahn. He and Aeptha traveled back and forth to Philadelphia for many years in their studies with Shakmah. Eushahn became a trusted advisor and friend to Shakmah prior to her death. As co-director of Light Haven® he teaches and manages all of the operations involved in having a center.

  • Visiting Light Haven

    The site that Light Haven® chose for its permanent location is a beautifully wooded area located in the rolling foothills. This land had served as a healing haven during spiritual retreats that the teachers had offered here many years earlier and now that service continues and grows.

    The Sanctuary was designed using sacred geometry and architectural keys. This consecration is continued in the 81 acres of grounds that are maintained by staff with conscious intent. The site includes the still waters of the pond and the running waters of the streams in the woods.

    The wisteria covered arbor, dedicated to the Goddess and the obelisk fountain, dedicated to God are inviting for contemplation and meditation. The circuit-seven labyrinth with its portals to multiple levels of consciousness and problem-solving is in an area that provides privacy and space to take full advantage of this ancient, powerful tool.

    When planning your visit please dress to enjoy the grounds and bring walking shoes.

    Street clothes are permissible for all events, unless otherwise noted. Ritual Garb is only required for ceremonial events and is specifically noted in the description of an event.