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Light Haven is located out in the country not near any stores or restaurants, so bag lunches are recommended on Sundays.
January 2017
Sun Jan 8 Service Chaos and Creativity - The discernment between chaos and order is merely a point of view. We have an action -perception cycle in our brain waves that occurs over and over again. Creativity is at the edge of chaos, it is here that we perceive and process new information and decide what action, if any, is to be taken in response. Chaos can be understood as a different level of order. Our focus will be on how to open to creativity, compassion, mental flexibility and attention. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Jan 8 Class The Hidden Goddesses of the Old Testament - Historical and archaeological evidence shows that not only that a Hebrew goddess existed, but that she was deeply established in the lives of the Hebrew people. We find various forms expressed from the conquest of Canaan to the Babylonian Exile. The most hidden of all the goddess in Canaan were the Cherubim. In order to understand the Cherubim our study will include a discussion around the mysterious Ark of the Covenant. We will also learn of the mother goddess Asherah (forty entries in the Old Testament) and Astarte (Ashtoreth in Hebrew, plural Astaroth) mentioned nine times in the Old Testament as well as Sophia; the heavenly bride of Yahweh-Elohim. The cost for class is $50.00.
February 2017
Sun Feb 5 Service Goddess Brigid - In honor of Candlemass we will have a candle healing ceremony with the Flame of Brigid. In this ceremony this healing flame will be transferred to a candle for you to take home for continued use in your own healing work. This flame is held in a candle gifted to Light Haven from our late teacher Shakmah Winddrum. Brigid is the Goddess of poetry, healing, smithcraft and midwifery. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Feb 5 Class Magickal Imagination - This much talked about tool is used to change consciousness as well as to contact the forces of life behind the universe is spoken of often. And yet, imagination still remains a source of confusion and frustration for many occult students. We will "unpack" imagination, looking at history and how the mind learns. We will explore the psychological implications as well as why imagination is a cornerstone in magick. In addition we will look at techniques and challenge the perception that they someone cannot improve their current level of imagination. The cost for class is $50.00.
March 2017
Sun Mar 5 Service Fire in our Hearts - We need to live in a world of both facts and holy imagination. We are called to honor the value of science and simultaneously that wisdom and deep intelligence require an honest appreciation of mystery. We are called to seek out experience that quiet our mental ambitions and open a pathway that swells the heart and stretches beyond the limits of belief and understanding. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Mar 5 Ritual Ritual of Transformation with Sekhmet - Sekhmet, "The Powerful One" is one of the oldest known Egyptian Deities. Sekhmet is seen as both a creative and destructive force, she is healer, warrior, protectress and great in magick. The Names and Epithets of this great Goddess are many and include; "Sekhmet, Great One of Magic," "Awakener," "The Source," "Powerful of Heart," and "Sekhmet, Who Gives Joys." In current times she has captivated the interest and attention of occultist who find that the work of this Lion Headed Goddess is life altering. Ritual Garb will be white. Loaner Robes are available upon request. The cost for class is $50.00.
Thu-Sun Mar 9-12 Sacred Space Conference - 2017 Please join Aeptha for this annual premier esoteric conference in Hunts Valley, MD. She is very excited to be a speaker at this conference as well as attendee. There are great presenters and a wonderful community. More information can be found at Conference
April 2017
Sun Apr 2 Service Trees and The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life - The 'cosmic tree' appears in religions, mythologies, painting and dreams around the world. The vast, creative inner truth of the tree extends itself outward capturing the human imagination. We have learned that trees communicate and send each other nutrients via a network of latticed fungi buried in the soil. Enchantment calls us to a special spirit in community. We will explore the lessons the tree offers us to re-enchant our lives and the world. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Apr 2 Class Prayer and Esoteric Practice - Prayer is universal to all systems of spirituality, religion and self-development. It is humanity's oldest form of communication with the Divine. The Hermetic idea of prayer is that through prayer the petitioner brings themselves in harmony with the fundamental principles of the universe. Through prayer we induce a sympathetic resonance with the subtle dimensions of the Invisible. Through prayer we reinforce a personal and heart felt relationship. This class will provide lively discussions as well as thought provoking information and research on how to pray, why we pray and the benefits of prayer. The cost for class is $50.00.
Sun Apr 30 Service The Four Winds - Invoking the winds is an ancient practice that dates back to the Ancient Greeks. Wind magick utilizes the forces of the four winds to create changes. The Four Winds are also called, in the Occult, the Four "Airs". The Elemental Force of Air is movement or movability. The use of the Four Winds can add a tremendous intensity to a working when needed. We will talk about the basic technique of how and when to call in the Four Winds. Our morning session will include a path working with the Four Winds. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Apr 30 Class Ceremonial Principles - Ceremony can be built up and elaborated to forms of great subtlety and complexity, but the initial principles of its creation are universal. The magician moves the Astral Light with intent. We will explores acts meant to induce or to avert by using symbolic associations, mythic presentations intended to align the rite with a specific divine force and acts imitative of cosmic process. We will also discuss the concerns of the place of the working itself and the needs for the Circle of Working. For those who have studied at Light Haven this class with provide you with a new body of understanding and perspective. The cost for the class is $50.00.
June 2017
Sun Jun 4 Service The Four Royal Stars - The Royal Stars of Persia so named over 5000 years ago during the pyramid age of Egypt had tremendous influence. Their legendary stars are Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. They were considered to be guardians of the four corners of heaven and watchers of the directions forming a heavenly cross near the ecliptic. Our morning session will focus on information and lore around these fixed Stars. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Jun 4 Class Ritual with the Royal Stars and their Associated Archangels - Our ritual will draw upon the power and potencies of Aldebaran and Archangel Michael, Regulus and Archangel Raphael, Antares and Archangel Uriel, Fomalhaut and Archangel Gabriel. This High Ceremonial Ritual with its Archangelic overlay will be dedicated to the power of the Light for Healing and Illumination as we move toward the Summer Solstice. Ritual robes are required. Loaner robes are available upon request. The cost for ritual is $50.00
Sun Jun 25 Service The Shaman and the Magician - Our morning session will focus on the role and work of the Shaman and the Magician in the modern age. We will look at their common meeting ground as well as differences. Our discussion will include the use of magical tools as well as worldviews. We will end the morning session with a journey. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Jun 25 Class Circuit of Force; the Personal Magnetic Forces within the Human Aura - The focus of this class is how to raise the magnetic forces with your aura and to learn to control and utilize this force in your magick and life. The source is from both spiritual and elemental energies. You will learn how to build and refine existing currents and leave this class with quick but effective techniques to use on a daily basis. We will explore the practical applications of the Circuits of Force. The cost of class is $50.00
July 2017
Sun Jul 30 Service Angel of Earth - In the Kabbalistic writings of modern occultists the Archangel assigned to Malkuth, the sephiroth of Earth on the Tree of Life is named Sandalphon. He is described as the planetary regent of Earth as Uriel is the Archangel actually associated with the element of earth. On the Tree of Life the opposite archangel to Sandalphon is the mysterious Metraton, who is the ruler of the highest sephiroth Kether. Kether represents the goal of the inner quest of spiritual enlightenment and mystical union with the divine. There is an old Kabbalistic saying: "Kether is in Malkuth as Malkuth is in Kether". Our morning work will be with the Angel of Earth. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Jul 30 Class The Hermetic Path - Hermeticism has been called the Western Esoteric Tradition and is an ancient spiritual, philosophical and magical tradition. The Hermetic Path is a living and evolving path with the intent to awaken us to our true Nature and to becoming a fully embodied Human. We will call upon Hermes, the mind of Mercury to open new areas of mind, to receive transmission and translate that which has been received. Class will include the power and use of language and symbolism, the role of science and alchemy to bring the cohesion to the personality, alignment with the Soul and a deeper relationship with the gods and goddesses. The cost for the class is $50.00.
August 2017
Sun Aug 27 Service The Ladder of the Gods - Stories of the ascent, the awesome spectacle of the grand march of seekers, stories of initiation and creation itself are often spoken of in terms of a ladder. In the allegory of the beanstalk, Jack is the initiate climbing upwards toward perfection. Our morning will focus on the allegories and the hidden teachings that afford us direction and guidance. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Aug 27 Class The Power of Openness beyond the Self-Mind - As students of the Ancient Mystery Teachings we are too aware that our own mind and perceptions keep us from an experience of our true nature and the nature of reality. The human mind struggles for certainty, continually drawing conclusions. This "knowing" is like a closed circuit that limits possibilities in our thinking, our relating and our way of being in the world. A supreme lesson of human consciousness is to learn how not to know. This highly interactive class is designed to open the cage doors of our perceptions and support flexibility of consciousness. The cost of class is $50.00.
October 2017
Sun Oct 1 Service Using Myths - In one of my earliest encounters with a highly respected occult teacher I was instructed to read all the great myths and keep the books in my library for reference. The fundamental characteristic of myths is that they utilize potent universal symbols to evoke certain states and to teach. Myth is a unique use of language that describes the realities beyond our five senses. It fills the gap between the images of the unconscious and the language of conscious logic. Our morning discussion will be on the use of myths and we will experience how a myth can be used to create a path working. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Oct 1 Class Fire and Water - This highly experiential class will be working with the elements of fire and water. Weather permitting we have both inside and outside experiences. These life giving, life affirming and life nurturing elements are building blocks. There is a unique spiritual relationship with fire and water that is reflected in the initiatory rite of baptism, an initiation that spans all traditions. The intention of this class is for you to experience these elements in a heightened way and to have a glimpse into the deep mystical lore that surrounds their relationship with each other. The cost of class is $50.00.
Sun Oct 29 Service Sound, Movement and Chant in Ritual - A growing field of science confirms what many of us experience, which is the profound ways sensory experiences influence our nervous system and our consciousness. The growing field of neuroplasticity is finding that our brains are not wired in a fixed circuitry, but are constantly changing and reshaping their connections and activities in response to our experiences. With repetition, the brain learns to associate ritual sensory experiences with the sounds, smells and feelings of ceremony and with spiritual practices. In this highly experiential ceremonial service we will work with various sounds and movements to explore the altering of consciousness with these modalities. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Oct 29 Class Ritual with the Ancestors - This annual ritual is one of our favorites. We honor our Blood Ancestors, giving thanks for the gift of life that we have been afforded. We venerate the Great Ancestors who have cleared the path that we walk with greater ease, shared their wisdom that we do not need to make the same mistakes and lived the life of Spiritual Warriors so that our world is a place of greater love. We ask that you bring offerings of food, drink or flowers for the ancestor altar. In addition we invite you to also bring food for the local wildlife such as birdseed, corn or apples. If you have a Govi Jar and/or a photo of a loved one or a pet who has crossed beyond the veil bring that as well and it will be placed upon the altar and returned after the close of the ritual. We end the ritual with a feast and ask that you bring a covered dish to share. Ritual garb is black or white. Loaner robes are available upon request. The cost is $50.00.
December 2017
Sun Dec 3 Service The Four Holy Creatures - The Four Holy Creatures are found throughout magical literature. Hints of their origin can be traced back to the fixed stars of Egypt and Babylon as well as the Persian's Royal Stars. They appear in the Tanach in the Book of Ezekiel and make their appearance in the Western Mysteries during medieval times. The Four Holy Living Creatures are found in Kabbalah in the sphere of Kether, The Crown. Our morning session is designed to teach us about these powerful, awe inspired and mysterious Beings. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun Dec 3 Class Ritual with the Four Holy Creatures - Kether is the gate between the Unmanifest and the world being accessible to human consciousness. It is the divine starting point, the birth of a new sequence, a new energy pouring into the world we know, providing it with new life. The Holy Living Creatures, found in Briah; the Archangelic level of Kether will be called upon to aid us in our work as we approach the sacred mysteries of the Yule. Ritual Robes are required. Loaner Robes are available upon request. The cost for the ritual is $50.00.
Sun Dec 16 Solstice Winter Solstice Drumming and Percussion Circle from 3:00 to 5:00 - Join us for a percussion and drumming circle honoring the Winter Solstice. Drumming, dancing, singing and fire enliven our circle as we celebrate the return of the Light. This is a children, family and friends event with a fun and celebratory atmosphere. Bring your drum if you have one. We have some extra drums and lots of percussion instruments to share as needed. Refreshments are provided with festive food and drink and time to share in good conversation and cheer with community. 3:00pm-5:00pm
Map and Lodging Options